The Marco Biagi Auditorium and the adjoining spaces is available not just for the activities of the Foundation but also for cultural and musical initiatives, events, conferences, educational and training initiatives, company presentations and other non-political activities.


Marco Biagi Auditorium: 330 seats

The Auditorium constitutes the main body of the building. It is lined with wood panelling and other materials to ensure optimal acoustics for both conferences and concerts. The Auditorium is equipped with a video projector on a 4m x 3m screen, an audio system, up to five stem microphones for speakers on the podium and one at the lectern, two radio microphones, WiFi internet connection on request, floodlights mounted on the front stage, and one camera for video recordings. The stage is adaptable and the equipment can be arranged according to different conference or scenic requirements.


Open Space: 70 seats

The spacious room with natural lighting can be arranged according to specific needs with 70 seats with a writing tablet, a table for the speakers and audio-video equipment, wifi internet connection on request. The Open Space can also be used for coffee and lunch breaks, exhibitors and sponsors, and temporary exhibitions and poster sessions related to the events.


Classrooms: from 24 to 40 seats

There are three classrooms with fixed seating and desks and one with movable chairs, equipped with a video projector, white board, and WiFi internet connection on request.


Reading Room: 20 seats

Meeting room equipped with chairs around a rectangular table, with the option of installing a PC connected to the internet and video projector.


The Marco Biagi Foundation relies exclusively on trusted suppliers. The Foundation is able to provide additional services such as security, cleaning and technical services, as required by the event organisers.


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